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Friday, 29 May 2009

Nokia Evolution

Nokia transformation

Bali Digital Network

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Mikroprosesor History

Mikroprosesor is a chip (IC) working with the program. Mikroprosesor function is as a controller or processing in a series of major electronic. Mikroprosesor also called normal CPU (Central Processing Unit).

How a Mikroprosesor directed by a program code in machine-code language that was first entered into a memory. Mikroprosesor in at least consists of a series of digital, register, arithmetic logic processing, a series of sekuensial.

History Mikroprosesor.

* Th. 1946: Computers have made the modern University of Pennsylvania in the USA called the ENIAC (Electronics Numerical Integrator and Calculator.
* ENIAC consisted of 17,000 empty tube, 500-mile cable, weight> 30 tonnes, can run 100,000 operations per second, programmed with a set of cable channels rangkaiannya.
* Th. 1948: first transistors made at Bell Labs, USA.
* Th. 1958: IC (Integrated Circuit) made by Jack Kilby from Texas Instrument, USA.
* The IC is to encourage the development of Digital IC (1960), and the first mikroprosesor by Intel (1971).
* Mikroprosesor first in the world is the Intel 4004 processor is a 4-bit, Calculator Most are still based mikroprosesor 4-bit.
* Th. 1971: Intel mikroprosesor issued the 8-bit Intel 8008.
* Th. 1973: Intel introduces 8-bit mikroprosesor modern first Intel 8080 (10x faster than 8008), followed by Motorola MC6800.
* Th. 1977: Intel introduced the 8085, which is mikroprosesor 8-bit Intel last made with frek.clock and higher speed.
* Company is able to compete in the Intel 8085 is the Zilog Corporation Z80.
* Th. 1978: Intel mikroprosesor issued a 16-bit that is 8086, a year and then spent 8088 with the execution speed and memory is larger than 8085, and began to use the cache memory (the system that regulates the queue of instructions prior to running it).
* Intel 8086/8088 also called CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) because of the complexity and number of instructions.
* Th. 1981: IBM PC to make use mikroprosesor 8088 to run applications such as spreadsheets and word processing.
* Th. 1983: Intel mikroprosesor issued a 16-bit 80286, with 16 MB memory capability.
* Th. 1986: Intel mikroprosesor spent the first 32-bit 80386, with 4 GB memory capability.
* Th. 1989: Intel mikroprosesor issued a 32-bit 80486, with the ability of the memory 4 GB + 8K cache.
* Th. 1993: Intel introduces mikroprosesor 32-bit Pentium I, Th. 1997 Pentium II, and then successively Pentium III and Pentium 4 at Th. 2000, which began to use RAMBUS memory technology replaces the SDRAM technology.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Lake Bratan Bali

Lake Bratan is Balinese hinduism pray location and is also replete with sexual iconography such as the lingham or phallus shaped temples as well as the yoni elsewhere.Mushrooms in the tropics.

Monday, 4 May 2009

The Modern culture

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Friday, 1 May 2009

Gebogan Bali ceremony

all Hindu people celebrate the feast day victory Galungan Dharma or good or evil Adharma up. In Bali, the Galungan marked with a series of offerings of fruit called gebogan exist as gratitude to God.

Since the morning before the start in Bali Hindu temple in the village to the individual to celebrate the feast day of Galungan Dharma victory against Adharma or good or evil.

As seen in the Pura Ulun Sandat Banjar Tegalkawan, Kelurahan Pemecutan, Denpasar this. Each family brought a series of fruits gebogan called for offering to God as manifest gratitude for all they karunianya.

Fruit-fruit that has been on ceremony believed to bring blessing and will go back to be consumed by family members and some is distributed to the surrounding neighbors.

Galungan own feast for the Hindu people in Bali is one of the most celebrated day of each month 7 according to Hindu calendar calculation.