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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bali Culture ( Big day of balinese )


Nyepi Day is celebrated every year New Caka (Caka turn of the year). Ie on the day Tilem Kesanga (IX) which is the day pesucian Gods in the central core of the ocean that brings living water Sarining (Tirtha Amertha Kamandalu). To the Hindu holy worship of these gods.

The main purpose of Nyepi is pleading kehadapan God Almighty, to purify Bhuwana Alit (human nature) and Bhuwana Great (the universe). Circuit Nyepi celebrations are as follows:

1. Tawur (Pecaruan), Pengrupukan, and Melasti.

The day before Nyepi, namely the "ping 14 Sasih panglong Kesanga" Hindus Yadnya Butha ceremony at a traffic and environment of each house, by taking salahg one of the types of "caru" according to his ability. Bhuta Yadnya respectively named; Panca Sata (small), Panca Kinsman (was), and Tawur Great (large).

Tawur or pecaruan itself a purification / pemarisudha Bhuta Kala, and all 'leteh' (dirty), hopefully everything vanished.

Caru conducted in each house consists of; foreign rice color (five colors) amounted to 9 duel / package, side dishes chicken brumbun (colored) tetabuhan with wine / wine. Yadnya Bhuta is addressed to the King Bhuta, Bhuta Kala Kala and Lord, by pleading that they do not disturb people.

Mecaru After the ceremony continued with pengerupukan, namely: spread-spread Tawur rice, torch-obori house and all the yard, house and yard menyemburi with mesui, and objects hitting anything (usually wide band) to quiet noisy / rowdy. This stage is to expel the Bhuta Kala from the home environment, yards, and environment.

Particularly in Bali, at this pengrupukan usually enlivened by a parade of ogoh-ogoh Bhuta Kala is a manifestation of being paraded around the neighborhood, and then burned. The goal at the Bhuta Kala expelled from the surrounding environment.

Then performed the sweep all Melasti leteh (gross) into the ocean, and purify "pretima". Done at sea, because the sea (ocean) is considered as a source Amertha Tirtha (Dewa Ruci, and Pemuteran Mandaragiri). No later than the Tilem afternoon, pelelastian done.

2. Nyepi

Keesoka day, ie on "panglong ping 15" (Tilem Kesanga), it was Hari Raya Nyepi. On this day done fast / peberatan Nyepi called Chess Beratha Penyepian and consists of; observed geni (no berapi-api/tidak use and / or the fire), observed the work (not working), observed lelungan (not traveling), and observe lelanguan (do not listen to entertainment). This Beratha done since before sunrise.

According to the Hindus, all the things that are transitional, always preceded by a dark omen. For example a baby who will move into the children (1 oton / 6 months), the symbol is realized with 'matekep guwungan' (closed Sangkat chicken). Women who move from childhood to adult (Ngeraja Sewala), the ceremony was preceded by ngekep (dipingit).

So for the new period, followed by a new birth, which really began with a new page white. To start life in Caka / barupun years, this base is used, so there is time geni observed.

What is more important than than the symbol-a symbol of birth was (observed geni), according to Gama is Lontar Sundari memutihbersihkan heartstrings, and it is a must for Hindus.

Each of the men of knowledge (the wruhing tatwa dnjana) conduct; Bharata (curbing the passions), yoga (connecting people with paramatma (God), tapas (suffering endurance training), and samadhi (single entity to the Lord / Ida Sang Hyang Widhi), which aims born inner purity).

All of it becomes imperative for Hindus, so that will have inner readiness to face any challenge life in the new year. The habit of celebrating Hari Raya with the spree, gambling, drinking habits is something wrong and should be changed.

3. Ngembak Geni (Ngembak Fire)

Last of the celebration of Nyepi is a day that Ngembak Geni date falls on a ping linings (1) Sasih kedasa (X). On the day This is the new year begins Caka. Hindus bersilahturahmi with large families and neighbors, I'm sorry forgive each other (ksama), one another.

With the new atmosphere, new life will begin with a clean white hearts. So if the year ends each BC December 31, and the new year begins January 1st, the year ended panglong Caka limolas ping (15) Sasih kedasa (X), and the new year began on 1 Sasih kedasa (X).

Monday, 14 September 2009

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

How To detect a broken motherboard and how to fix it

Please read carefully for understanding what the meaning below! ^_^

Main board (motherboard) is the circuit board where a variety of connected electronic components such as microprocessors and memory (RAM, ROM, BIOS) and other controller chips and commonly abbreviated with the motherboard.
Okay Jump aza ya! symptoms and how to overcome a broken motherboard:
Dead Total
Check the power supply: In a state in the power cable from the power supply off, disconnect the cable socket mounted on Atx1 Mainboard. Once separated, attach the power cable back, connect / cable shortkan green, black cables, check that the power supply fan spinning? If the spin is a good power supply. Back off the power cord and plug it in again this Atx1 cable to the motherboard.
Check the Clear CMOS Jumper, whether in position or Free Clear, usually when a new motherboard, CMOS jumper position on Clear position.
Check IC chipset in connected and in the Switch On, whether or not excessive heat, over-heat means the chipset is already damaged. CMOS ICs for parts so far are not sold freely.
Also check whether the switch on its functioning.
Motherboard dismantle it carefully, you try to wear clean thinners, if you can not use thinners bottle is in the can. After you dry clean.
Replace IC regulator which is located around the ATX power socket on the motherboard.
Replace the capacity Elko 1000 s / d 3300 uf / 10 Volt, located around the ATX power socket on the motherboard. Be careful to make sure the dismantled components plug the power cable not connected to electricity.
Flame But Not Shown
Try to look and listen if there is sound or beep sound. If there is, there is usually damage the processor, memory and VGA.
Check Processor, you try to hold the refrigeration if excess heat or cold? If it means overheating the processor fan is not working properly then you will change, but if the cold means the processor does not work aka damaged.
Check memory, if memory is usually broken voice on the speaker beep 3 times. Dead, pull the pin clean memory using a pencil eraser to clean, and then plug it in again. If it means there's still broken one of his damaged IC.
Check VGA Card, VGA Card pull, in a state of dead / off try you press, there is less chance your entry or try to wash the feet / her pin. If the VGA card using the fan, clean the fan.
If it still does not appear you are trying to check maybe the monitor is not a flame, to make sure that broken monitor or CPU, you try to press keys on the keyboard NumLock, whether it NumLock light a flame or not. If the flame is damage to the CPU.
Which became the standard when repairing my computer, I always clean out the dust, whether it's motherboard, memory, cdrom, floppy disks, etc., because it is so what else could affect the computer in a dirty / old is not cleaned. But you must be careful in the process and do not rush.

Hang And Often Off / Restart (Reset) Alone
Check the Power Supply, try another power supply is still restart itself or hang. If the power supply was replaced by normal / good, power supply means there is a problem. Replace it if it can be fixed because I myself was not sure if it was still able to function properly, because the power supply is a vital component. Especially for the current price sanggat cheap power supply, I suggest changing it.
Check if there is virus, anti-virus program should always be installed and enable its auto protect. I used to use Norton Anti virus. You should frequently update your antivirus because if there is a new variant virus, anti-virus and you will eliminate the virus mendetect.
At the moment there hangs and blue screen messages like "vxd error at address ...", there is usually a problem in memory. Clean memory is like a step above.
Try to reinstall Windows.
If it still hangs / restarts itself trying to check on your motherboard, you will notice the physical changes, especially components Elko / capacitor, a black round no writing in capacity between 1000 uf/10Volt s / d 3300 uf/10 volts, usually seen, if the damaged looks bloated / swollen and leak or rust.
CMOS Checksum Failure (Low Battery)
Symptoms of damage & Solutions:
CMOS failure message appears (The damage to the CMOS battery, replace battery)
Setting the date, time and other configurations in the BIOS to change (When the battery is replaced, re-do the settings in the BIOS).
Thanks for reading and visit my site!!! i hope this will be help someone , if there is something problem, thanks

regards : I made Ananda Yoga.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Balinese Songs

This below is an example of balinese Songs
1.Curik curik semental alang alang boko-boko tiang meli pohe, aji satak aji satus keteng, mare bakat anak bagus peceng enjak-enjok
that's an example of balinese sing....when the word is simple and short.... the present is Curik-curik Songs...., usually for Child.