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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Booking Hotels and Villa in Bali

Bali Hotel and Villa Reservations

Bali, the tropical paradise, is a main tourist destination. Bali’s rich cultural heritage has been explored and exposed by many Western visitors since 1930s. Among these Westerners were Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, Carlie Chaplin and Noël Coward. These Westerners contributed largely to the development of paintings and arts in general.
Furthermore, they popularized Bali. Volcanic lakes, white sandy beaches, spectacular rice terraces and the splendour of ancient temples and palaces have enriched Bali. Here you can find many water sports activities (snorkelling, diving, kayaking, etc.), adventurous sports (hiking, climbing, trekking, etc.) and other exciting activities. Regular temple ceremonies, dance performances and wedding ceremonies can be found easily in Bali. Yet Bali has more than just cultural heritage, travellers will find many enchanting places to explore.