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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Akina Spa Bali ( start 42 USD )

Massage is thought to be the oldest form of medical therapy practiced on the human body. The different types of massage and the various techniques that encompass them stem from our most celebrated civilizations and their traditional beliefs, ancient Greek and Rome, ancient India and China.

Massage is still used today for treating a wide range of ages from babies to seniors - in a variety of intensive care, health club, and health clinic and hospital settings. To this day, massage is still used to treat various conditions such as premature birth, various types of cancer, AIDS, osteoarthritis, lumbar back pain, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, paralysis, heart attack, and stroke. You’re almost certain to find a popular style that suits your body perfectly!

- Transfer from/to hotel.
- 90 minutes Bali Sunny Dream Massage.

- Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, insurance etc.
- Other service not mentioned on this program.

- Child rates applied for Children between 2 and 12 years old.

Bali Discovery Tour

Kehen Temple, just north of the town of Bangli, is one of the largest temples in Bali, and a stirring example of the virtuosity of the stone-carvers of the region. It was founded in the 11th centuries by Cri Brahma Kenuti Ketu. Pura kehen has three courtyards, each entered through a towering, carved gateway. The second courtyard is a venerable Banyan tree.

Continue to, Besakih temple or “mother temple” the largest and holiest temple in Bali, is over 900 metres up the slopes of Gunung Agung. It has been regarded as a holy place since pre-historic times in Bali. The first recorded mention of its existence is from an inscription that dates from 1007 A.D. Since the Gelgel dynasty of the fifteenth century it has been regarded as a central, holy temple for the entire island.

Ride to the east coast, Patung; from here, you will be able to take a view around to see the scenery of terraced rice fields. From this high place, we will also be able to view the blue sea with fishermen ships catching fish. The beauty of Putung became famous through paintings of an Italian painter who lived in this area for a long time and married a local woman from Manggis village.

Balinese music is based around an instrument known as the gamelan. The gamelan is such a central part of Balinese music that the whole 'orchestra' is also referred to as a gamelan. Gamelan music is almost completely percussion. Though it sounds strange at first with its noisy, jangly percussion it's exciting and enjoyable.

- Air conditioned vehicle with English-speaking guide.
- Admission fee as mentioned on this program.
- Transfer from/to hotel.
- Lunch.

- Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, insurance etc.
- Other service not mentioned on this program.

- Child rates applied for Children between 2 and 12 years old.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

In Bali The Ubud Monkey Forest is a natural forest reserve popular with both locals and tourists. Inhabited by wild monkeys (don't even think about petting them) but tame enough to steal your bananas, handbags, toupes, etc., These mischievous monkeys provide lots of entertainment in their own habitat. Pleasantly laid out along two roads its smaller than the Sangeh Monkey Forest, with interesting meandering paths leading to charming bathing temple surrounded by lush remnants of dipterocarp forest.

Just off the main square is a lovely arched stone bridge leading to the forest's most alluring feature - the Hindu elephant-headed Lord Ganesh sitting comfortably overlooking a small, square, moss-covered pool where several Koi swim at his feet.

Hu'u Bar in Bali

Along way on the street of Petitenget, Kuta, trying to find a place to chill out in the storm or just to hang out with some colleagues, don’t sleep your eyes and find this corner of place. Have you visit Hu’u Bar and Restaurant at Petitenget, Kuta?, if you don’t, please do so. Hu’u Bar gate whisper a mystic word for you to look and join its ambience. An whispering classy bar, restaurant, and swimming pool at one stop hang out is leisure sound for your earring catalogue. Step inside this getaway of pleasure dream and you will offer to some enjoyable atmosphere of eats and music. Atmosphere of fresh water could also better choice to chill out your evening with a reflection of thousands candles and lights. Whisper wind is blows to continuing announce of Al-fresco dining theme at Hu’u Bar and Restaurant, just grab this menus while thousands music accompanying your appetite trip far away abroad. East or West or mixed style of your night party at Hu’u Bar and Restaurant will always be memorable to take away to your sweet home lullaby. Visit this corner and feel pretty chain of Bar and Restaurant for one stop party all nights long.

Rosemary at Bedugul Valley (Bali)

A perfect creatures on the planet earth is all best known as a human, perfectly human is created along with complete senses which start from eye, noose, ear and skin. These five sense has their own duty to protect their own master, human on this case, and will bring their master became superior among other creatures. Senses could be related with health and beauty, skin for example, is one of those senses that sensitive to any kind of touch action. Skin is coverage a human body almost 100%, maybe this is the main reason that since an ancient time a human always innovated to protect age of their skin. Now the skin predator which dangerously damage skin and causing death is mosquito, but this article will not mentioned further about mosquito, we will see about “Rosemary” and what contribution will it bring to save our skin.

Rosemary came from a Latin name; more about “dew from the sea” is its meaning. Just like other herbs and bushes, rosemary has a permanently stem with green needle leaves, and these leaves will contain a colored flower when its time to appear. Most of rosemary species are growth at Mediterranean region, of course will perfectly interact with Mediterranean climate, where open sunny area is a must for rosemary plant, soil with good drainage is best for rosemary cultivation and most founded in the soil near by the sea. Rosemary is easily cultivated through all the season and adaptable as perennial herb, but some varieties is avoid cold season. In Bali, we could also found rosemary plant being sold at Bedugul valley, means that rosemary also could be cultivated in tropical climate.

Rosemary is a member of Lamiaceae family or called mint herb family, as a member of these Lamiaceae, rosemary contain of several acid which contribute in culinary and medical uses. In suggested doses, rosemary compound will fit to human metabolism and safely use as ingredient in most Mediterranean culinary. Medical doses will suggest as antioxidant, acidic compound is believed could protect human brain from stroke and neuron diseases, this is also the reason of using small amount of rosemary dried leaves mixed with other herbs in making an herbal tea. Having an astringent taste and strong scent like Cajuputi leaves, causes a toxic impact in large amount of uses, several research found that large amount of rosemary oil may cause a coma, vomiting or respiratory diseases, and not allowed for pregnant or breastfeeding woman consumption. This bad reaction of body system caused of large amount uses is what we are discussing at first paragraph of this article. The effect of brain attack in a mosquito’s neuron system when they adsorb large amount of rosemary plant scent will bring us to protect our skin from mosquito bites, therefore people sometimes use rosemary plant applied into a skin as mosquito repelled. From all skin protected which is always innovated, what could be wrong if we use a green botanical plantation.

Rosemary is a simple plant for beginner gardener to start to know how reflected beauty of green botanical to a shape of useful human body protection. So when you plan to have a small garden, don’t forget to browse a story behind the seeds on your hands.

The Healthy Food good as protein for weight loss

This is wich one food ,where is good for the healthy,in this food as many protein: whether weight-loss diets are more effective if they emphasise protein or if they go heavy on the fats or carbohydrates.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it is a large (811 participants) prospective and randomised trial, hitting most of the hot buttons for quality and reliability in medical research. Overweight adults were assigned to one of four diets, equal in energy content but differing in proportions of macronutrients, which they were to follow for two years. All were offered an exercise program and counselling in addition.

Eighty per cent of people stuck with the program, and they lost an average four kilos regardless of which diet they followed.

At the Boston Globe, Elizabeth Cooney does a nice job of describing the methodology of the Harvard School of Public Health study that gave rise to the flurry of reporting. But she does not go far beyond the confines of the research itself to seek comment, including only a press release statement from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, which funded the study.

Time’s Tiffany Sharples has scored a lively interview with co-author Catherine Loria and lead author Frank Sacks, who told her such gems as: “We have a really simple and practical message for people: it’s not so much the type of diet you eat. It’s how much you put in your mouth.”

Bali tropical climate

The Next a two weeks or so a warm wind of news will blow from Bali, Indonesia, where today the gavel banged and the UN and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change began seeking an agreeable compact to replace the Kyoto Protocol. Tomorrow, this site will rummage through first-day reports from Bali’s crowded meeting halls.

For now, and most fittingly, comes relevant news that the very tropics that include Bali are definitively expanding - by a few hundred miles of latitude. So if you’re a reporter who couldn’t get to Bali to cover the story, perhaps a whiff of its ambience is coming to you.

Media attention is on data in the new journal Nature Geoscience, gathered together by a meteorological scientist at the US’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A key aspect is that as the mostly-moist tropics expand, they push the drier subtropics poleward too. Could be a press release out there, but The Tracker couldn’t find it and has to move on (after spending a long time trying to figure out what should be simple - conversion of an image from a pdf into a file that my picture manager can manipulate for uploading here.)

Much of the story’s circulation, including use of the term Hadley circulation, comes off Seth Borenstein’s account in the AP. He provides a muscular, understated recitation of the report’s conclusions without much embroidery and with explanation that the trend has also been apparent in other recent studies. The extent of the expansion is somewhat of a surprise to researchers, he writes in the eighth graf — an aspect that would seem to belong in or near the lede (and which, in other accounts, is). While global warming is the presumed, prime suspect, he writes, oscillations in El Nino intensities and ozone layer depletion are on the list, too.

Drama Comedy Bali "Cupak Grantang"

Bali the island which rich of traditional art and spread to all the corner of the island has they own characteristic and related to the religious ceremonies but some of them function as an art to entertainment. Drama gong is one of the traditional Balinese arts which function as art to entertain the audios. Drama gong is traditional Balinese drama classic which playing by some arteries, commonly take a story of a traditional Balinese kingdom, mites and legend and had a musical Balinese instrument Gamblelan.

Drama gong on 80 era has it gloried, on that time it as popular as Balinese drama entertainment which take a first places from other Balinese drama like Arja, Gambuh, Sendratari and other. On that time there are many drama gong actress are know well by the Balinese people because it ability to entertain and play its own character on the drama. But step by step drama gong is start to losing it popularity which caused by television with many interesting channel.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Kuta Bali Kuta Nightlife

Kuta bali is a very famous place in the world, it is the most favorite places visited in Bali. Kuta know well with its beautiful beach panorama, white sand, Blue Ocean, great surf and beautiful sunset in the afternoon. Kuta daily activities fulfill with tourism visitor where in kuta the tourism activities centered and beating for 24 hour. Tourism activity in kuta it’s all ready supported by many facilities, where around the street we can find many mini market, art shop, show room, restaurant, hotel and villas. Kuta tourism daily life activities are never stop for beating from the sunrise till the dark night side came around the kuta area, so in other names kuta celled as the city which never slips or the heart of Bali.

Tilem day as ceremonial of dark moon

Balinese people will doing the religious ceremonial On the Tilem day. The tilem means that the day when dark of the moon, the tilem day is appear fifteen day after the Purnama day or the full moon, Balinese people believe that this day is very sacred and religious day and most of the religious ceremonial are presented at this day some in big temple in Bali.

In tilem day the moon are off so there are darkness around the land no light, the night so dark. Balinese people believe that this day is very sacral day where the Batara Kala returns to the earth to and try to disturb human life. So Balinese people doing some upakar give the Batara Kala some food in form of Segan so the Betara Kala would not disturb human life.

The Yoga in Bali

peoples are getting busies with they all daily activities. In this modern era people are doing competition to get the glory and opportunity to get a chance to become a business man and reach their beautiful carrier but sometime they forgot to keep their body and mind health. So when they feel unwell they will get sick and need more time and money to bring back our health as well as the original. Sometimes in our daily busies with all the problem that we face came around in the office, sociality, family and many other, make us get stress and dispersed so it will make us down and get sick.

Basically there are some simplicity ways to keep our body keep health in other to facing so many problems in our daily life. Yoga is one of the simplicity way to trainer our body, mind and health. Yoga is a body trainer exercise to make our mind and body relax.

Bali Lifestyle (Traditional herbal medicine.)

For long time ago Balinese people keep their tradition and culture, where the entire individual are preserve to keep their tradition so they will not forgot for their root where their came from. From culture and tradition born many kind of art like dance, painting, wood craved, and many others, which all that is came from the nature mind which gets the natural inspiration from the almighty god Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa.

Commonly the Balinese people can’t separate from the nature, according to the philosophies Tri Hita Karana (three concept in balance of harmony, to create the peaceful and happiness). Which tell about Parhyangan (one of the three concept related to the god), Pawongan (this concept is required to keep the harmony and balance between human to human), Palemahan (Pelemahan in Tri Hita Karana is all aspect related to the environment) so when this three concept are in Balance of Harmony so there is a happiness. One of those concept are related to the nature, which tell that Balinese people they are a part from the nature, so when the feel sick naturally they use all thing which provide by the nature like roof of the tree, leaf, grass this great medicine method was found in bali prehistoric and now we call it traditional herbal medicine.

Imlek Celebration in bali

The Balinese island is the land which rich with unique culture and tradition which develop and born in Bali it self. But in edition Balinese culture also has a great influence from other country like china, Nepal, Tibet, and India which begun long time a go in the pass who bringing by the traders from out side like from china, India, Nepal even thought Duct and Portuguese. It observed and mixed together with Balinese culture and tradition which is caused with each of them has same characteristic in culture, traditions and religious with Bali.

Some of the trades from out side stay and live in Bali which bring their tradition and live vicing with native Balinese people live together and respect each other. This harmonization between two different religious from china and Balinese people can be show when one of those religious has ceremonial and the other is take the had to helping and so on. Like on this 26 January 2009 the china people will execute the Imlek which mean China New Year.

Meaning of Imlek.

Gōngxǐ fācái in mandarin language which it means happy New Year and good luck, this word will say as congratulation for Chinas people in Imlek day. In edition what is imlek and how imlek presented in Bali to answer this question first we must know more the histories of Imlek and what it Imlek from it source china. Imlek is one of traditional Tionghoa ceremonial which celebrated on the first month for Chinas calendar, which appear in the begaing the second new month in the sort day in wintry. Imlek in bali is not can be separated by histories related between Indonesia and china in the pass

Bali Crowded Again

in bali now, is very very crowded, the firs in seminyak, because of the holiday, so many tourism coming.....Some of the tourists also chose to enjoy food and beverages in restaurants all around the beach. The foreign tourists did not afraid to walked or sit around the beach. The street was still clear and the parking space was still empty and it shows that the number of tourists was not high as before. The traffic in Legian Street, Kuta Street, and Kartilca Plaza Street that lead to Kuta beach run smoothly and most of the tourists chose to walk to the beach while enjoying the shops on the sides of the road. The tourists seemed to disappear from Kuta area near the execution of the Bali Bombers which happened on Sunday, November 9th 2008. It was because the foreigners afraid that the terrorists will avenge the death of their colleagues. However the treat was proven wrong and there was not security disturbance occur in Bali.

The crowded condition also gives benefit to the people around the beach and it made Kuta lifeguard (Balawista) busy again. The must watched carefully all the tourists who play on the beach. The Balawista officers on guard on their posts along the beach and they assisted by the local officers patrolling in Kuta area. The number of tourists also decreased in Ngurah Rai airport. Usually, 6,000 tourists came to Bali each day, but currently only 4,000 foreign tourists visited Bali.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Bali Album - Photo

engraving of the dragons
Painting Of Gods
Bali Mask Creator
tolls to making a balinese mask
Balinese Girl

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bali Rice Fields

Rice field is inseparable part of Balinese religious life, it is deeply venerated by Balinese in a special temple known as Ulun Swi / Suwi temple. Based on sacred Kurakanda Dewapurana manuscript, the word “Ulun Swi” is derived from the word “ulu” which means “center” or “source” and the word “swi” which means ‘rice field” or “water”. In other words, the Ulun Swi temple is the center of rice fields in a certain area.
Ulun Swi temple serves as aplace for farmers to ask for fertility and succesful harvest. It is a place where they pay homage to the deity of the land (Ida Bhatara Bhaka Bhumi) so the earth will yield good harvest and insects, mice, birds and other disturbances will not damage the crops. Based on the sacred Usana Dewa manuscript, Ida Bhatara Bhaka Bhumi is resided in Ulun Swi Temple and serves as the soul of the land and worshiped by those whose livelihood are depend on the soil.
Pura Ulun Swi is maintained by subak (an autonomous socio-religious association which deals with matters related to the cultivation and irrigation of rice in certain area). Each subak has its own Ulun Swi Temple and the members of the subak are also the congregations of the temple.

Bali Kerthagosa Restoration

May 30th, 2009, the Embassy of Italy – with the support of the Bupati of Klungkung, the Italian Institute of Culture, the Bali Purnati Foundation and other Institutions and individuals concerned with the enhancement of the cultural relations between Indonesia and Italy – intends to hold a multi-media event and the launch of a cooperation of restoration in the Kerta Ghosa complex in Klungkung, which was the capital of the Balinese Regency during the Majapahit period, focusing on the ancient Court of Justice, as well as the refurbishment of the Museum wing hosting the works of the “Italo-Balinese” artist Emilio Ambron.

The initiative, which stems from a “Sisterhood” Pact established over a decade ago between the art city of Firenze and Klungkung, which will also take place in the context of the celebration of the Italian National Day, is articulated in a ceremony in the formal part inside the Kerta Ghosa compound foreseeing a traditional Balinese dance prior to the formalization of the restoration work that will be realized by the Kamasan artists, direct descendants of the painters who worked on the original ceilings, under Master Nyoman Mandra, with the cultural supervision from both Bali Purnati Foundation and Mrs. Idanna Pucci, who is a long time scholar of Balinese culture and of cross cultural heritage. The ceremony will be followed by “Horizon of Events”, a multimedia music and visual performance by “Sincronie” from Italy, focused on the International Year of Astronomy 2009 to be held in the adjacent space, the Bale Budaya. The celebrations will be concluded by a Wayang performance.
The event, which will be open to the Italian Community as well as Balinese authorities and citizens of Klungkung, will be filmed by Director Garin Nugroho, whose film Opera Jawa was presented at the Venice and London Festival and is widely recognized as a landmark of 21st century cinema. It will be shown in New York at the Licoln Center on August 15, 2009.
The Embassy of Italy, which is at the forefront of the dialogue between the two Countries and the two cultures (as testified by the Meeting of last March 4th in Roma with the attendance of the Indonesian Foreign Minister and all the relevant religious leaders and scholars from Indonesia), is confident of the appreciation that the Indonesian Authorities and public will give to the initiative.

Bali Animals

The enormous water-buffaloes, which in Bali appear in two colors, a dark muddy gray, and a pale, almost transparent pink, an albino variety are usually found in the river with their masters, small boys wearing only oversize sun-hats. A water-buffalo will not hesitate to attack a tiger; their ponderous calm and their gigantic horns are awe-inspiring to Europeans, who have been told that their odor infuriates the buffaloes. They have often charged white people for no apparent reason, although the smallest Balinese boy can manhandle the great beasts. They love to lie in the water and be scrubbed by their little guardians, who climb all over them and hang from their horns when they take them for their evening bath. The buffalo tolerates the children perhaps as a rhinoceros tolerates the birds that eat the ticks on its back.All Balinese domestic animal are rather extraordinary; chicken are wander freely and killed constantly by rushing automobiles, but their owner make no provision to keep them from the road. Pig which in Bali belong to monstrous variety that surely exist nowhere else was also used to wander freely in Balinese house compound but the ferocious health campaign in 1980s, put the Balinese pig in the pen. The Balinese pig, an untamed descendant of the wild hog, has an absurd sagging back and fat stomach that drags on the ground like a heavy bag suspended loosely from its bony hips and shoulders is now a rare species, can only be found in the the mountainous region of Karangasem.The roads are particularly filled with wandering dogs, the night-watcher of the island. Most dogs are attached to the house they protect and keep clean of garbage, but sometimes they reproduce unchecked and there are hundred of wandering dogs on the street of Bali especially in rural areas, they bark and wail all night in great choruses. The Balinese are not disturbed by them and sleep peacefully through the hideous noise. The curs are supposed to frighten away witches and evil spirits.Most of the materials for this writing are taken from Covarrubias’ The Island of Bali Popularity: 16% [?]

Monday, 22 June 2009

Alila Hotels and Resort

Alila Hotels and Resorts offers a stylish, relaxing environment with a new level of guest experience which is continuously redefined by the latest developments in design and living.

Alila Jakarta has earned recognition for its contemporary design coupled with sylish decors and furnishings, as well as for its fine dining and cheerful service, setting new standards for the city's hotels.

Alila Ubud is an enchanting hillside retreat overlooking the Ayung River, yet located only minutes away from the excitement of Ubud, Bali's artistic cultural centre.

Alila Manggis features contemporary architecture in harmony with the natural surrounding of Bali's east coast, a tranquil meeting point between the sea and Mount Agung, Bali's sacred mountain.

Come and enjoy life with us at Alila Hotels and Resorts...we are certain you will find us surprisingly different.

Pandan War in bali (Makere-kere)

Mekare kare/pandan war as main rituals, is a warrior dance involving participants (couple of young men) who are completed respectively with pieces of thorny pandanous leaves as their arms on the right hand and an armour made of pleated rattan on the left. The event is preceded by rituals held at some temples attended by only maidens at 05.00 am. and ended up with prayer at Pura Banjar at 05.00 pm.

Second day of Mekare kare, held at the Central Block (Patemu Tengah), preceded by a procession of the village members around the village accompanied by Baleganjur Gong orchestra at 12.00 noon. Initiated with Geguron music play, Abwang dance performed by bachelors, then Mekare kare starts participated by anybody who is interested (even outsider). One of the conditions is he must be dressed up traditionally, no matter his age, young, old or even little boys. The stressing is on the dancing characteristics, nobody to lose or win.

This event is followed afterwards by various religions activities such as chanting holy hymn and prayer held at Pura Banjar and Rejang dance performed by young girls at 06.00 pm. The whole event is then ended up with Abwang dance performed by bachelors and maidens of the village at Subak Daha at 09.00 pm.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bali Bra

The Bali Bra Company was founded in 1927 by Sam Stein. He chose the name "Bali" in honor of the beautiful women who graced the exotic island of Bali. His vision was to promise his customers "a look like a Balinese beauty".

In the beginning, Sam's wife Sarah sewed the garments by hand on their front porch. By 1940, Sam and Sarah were considered the innovators of the Foundation Industry. They were pioneers, introducing the first bias cup brassiere, the first nylon cup brassiere, and the first all-cotton brassiere. Their concern for quality, fit, performance and comfort made the Bali Company a major success early on. Today the Bali Company continues in the tradition of producing innovative, fashionable products always paying close attention to quality, fit, and comfort.