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Friday, 24 September 2010

Celebration of Saraswati Day

In Bali there are frequent ceremonies that celebrate the Hindu faith. Every day, according to the Balinese lunar calendar, has some significance that requires prayer and offerings to appease the Gods. Through religion and belief, the Balinese are bound to the ritual traditions that are an intrinsic part of their heritage. It is this fascinating culture that has drawn so many travellers’ to Bali’s shores.
On Saturday, 16th September, the Balinese will celebrate Saraswati Day. Saraswati is the Balinese Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. She is one of most revered deities that Balinese Hindu’s worship and is depicted as a very beautiful woman with four arms carrying symbols related to science and the arts. Huge stone sculptures and images of the Goddess Saraswati at the front entrance of many Balinese schools and universities is evidence of the level of local respect towards education.

Saraswati Day honours the knowledge that is bestowed on mankind. It is believed that without science and art it is impossible to create anything new on this earth. Many Balinese try to refrain from reading or writing on this special ceremonial day.
In schools and institutes of education all around the island students gather early in the morning dressed in their ceremonial finery for a session of communal prayer. Resource books are piled high and blessed with offering of fruit, flowers and a sprinkling of holy water. Students take this opportunity to pray for guidance with future studies and to lead a harmonious life that adheres to the basic guidelines of Hinduism.
On the morning that follows Saraswati Day worshippers go to the sea to bathe and purify themselves in a cleansing ritual. This marks the conclusion of this particular religious occasion where local Hindu’s demonstrate their eternal gratitude to God Almighty who is personified by the ethereal Goddess Saraswati.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Boat For Sale

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