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Thursday, 21 February 2008

bali artistic

New Virginia Chair

Sea Grass & Wrought Iron Furniture
Natural simple material can be modern or contemporary in style and is our starting point for manufacturing these products. The combination of wrought iron and sea grass is very contemporary while still retaining nature and tradition. The wisdom in lifestyle and art of Bali are seen in this furniture. Over 50 different types of table, sofa, chair are now available. Ideal for cafes or coffee shops.
Antique Teakwood
Nature is the best and greatest art in the world. Our products show art, nature and elegance. So that we can keep the beauty of nature, finishing is our highest concern - not just to protect it from rain or snow but also to keep the grain of the wood despite much use.

Queen Chair

Bamboo Furniture

Antique Bamboo
Another type of antique furniture. To keep the natural shape of bamboo is one of attractiveness. The use of aged bamboo shares with you an Asian style of furniture.