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Monday, 2 February 2009

Bali Religious Day ( Kliwon )

Kliwon day is one of Balinese sacred day regarding “PANCA WARA” system ( coming every 5 day), where all “BUTHAKALA” or ghosts spread out on street. Balinese people must give them “sesaji” (dish of food offered), in order all Buthakala or ghosts do not disturb humans being. The dish of food offered called “SEGEHAN”. It’s from banana leave contain with flower, rice in five color (white, yellow, black, red and various), salt, ginger and union.

On Kliwon the superstitious nature of the Balinese is much more evident, where it is believed that you should not pick any produce on this day, it being detrimental to the health of the plant as well as the consumer. Some of the offerings made in the house compound are small woven baskets filled with glutinous rice. These are then collected to make a delicious meal in the evening called tipat. The baskets are cut open and the steamed rice is diced and mixed with vegetables and peanut sauce and served up to the family.

Yesterday is Kliwon day and all Hindu’s people also in Tanah Lot area do prey to God through “CANANG SARI” as media and gave “SEGEHAN” for the Buthakala or ghosts for harmony of life.