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Friday, 6 March 2009

The Bali of Tradition

Praying BalineseThe Balinese culture and religion had already existed since about two thousand years ago. Hindu religion became the basic of Balinese culture which was influenced by Hindu-Javanese culture in the 10th century. The first influence brought by the royal wedding of Udayana the Balinese sovereign and princess Mahendradatta from Java. Continued with the great Majapahit kingdom from Java extended their authority and power on Bali. Around the 15th century, Moslem religion came to Indonesia and widely extended; this matter brought the downfall of Hindu kingdoms in Java. The Hindu-Javanese sovereigns and their loyal followers refused Moslem religion and they escaped to Bali. These Javanese peoples adapted with the native and blended their tradition which enriched Balinese culture. From time to time Balinese culture develops but the originality and characteristic are still exist; because of the people stronghold their religion and traditions to preserve their culture from the outside influences.