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Monday, 26 October 2009

Treat women well

A story written by Daniel Iswahyudi website for our worth reading. Very inspiring, here is the source of the article penuturannya appropriate.

A friend once told me, that what we do to others, perhaps we will soon forget, but we unknowingly will imprint in the hearts of others.

This happened in the Trans-Atlantic flight on October 14, 1998. A woman sitting next to a black man. The woman appears uneasy, ask a flight attendant to find another empty seat, because he did not want to sit next to someone who was fun.

The stewardess said that the plane was full, but he will try to see if there are empty seats in first class. All the other passengers noticed it was surprised and upset. Not only because she was being rude and outrageous, but that she might be moved to first class.

The man who sat beside her feel very uncomfortable seeing it all, but enough to control myself and not react. The atmosphere in the cabin was full of tension. While the woman was satisfied, because the feeling will be moved to first-class cabin, away from the passenger next to him unpleasant.

A few minutes later the stewardess came back and told the woman:

"Sorry, bu. All the seats on this flight really full. Luckily I found a seat in the cabin dosong class. But it needs a little time, because to make changes so I had to get permission from the captain of the aircraft. He said that we should not force people to sit next to someone who was pleasant and ordered me to make changes immediately. "

Other passengers could not believe what they heard and the woman with a look of triumph on his face, getting ready to leave the seat up.

Then the flight attendant had turned to the black man in the passenger and the woman said: "Sir ... Will you join me for a moment be bothered to move to a first-class cabin? On behalf of this flight, the captain had given apologies seat next to someone who is less fun. "

And all the passengers in kabinpun applauded. They stood up to give awards to the solution of such sikon crew performed very well

That year, the captain and pramugarinya received awards for their actions on the flight. In this connection, the company realized they had to prioritize adequate training to their employees. Penerbanganpun company immediately to make changes! Since the event was, in all their offices and in the display clearly visible to all, posted the following article:

People may forget what you say to them.
People may forget what you do with them.
But they will never forget the impression that you leave in their hearts.

So it is true what the wise man once said: "Everything that you want so that people do to you, do ye even so to them." If we want respect, then respect others. If we want to be loved, love someone else. If we want to always accept the good, then treat others well.

Others that could mean the people around us: Wife, husband, children, parents, boss, subordinate, relations, or even an Office Boy, and our servants.