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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bali Building

Bali building information af price and the building quality
If you are looking for a HOUSE in Bali, to live in, to spend your holidays around it, to secure an investment, to rent it out and get some return – Our TEAM assists you in the whole process, from planning to legal paperwork, design and construction.
We offer very reasonable prices: From 20 000 U$ to 80 000 U$ you can have your own home in Bali. Good quality building material, fine craftsmanship, and a western supervisor guaranty for a satisfying result.
We are a team of swiss-german-indonesian partnership, and experienced builders.
We have been building homes for foreigners in Bali, since 1992, in a wide range of models and budgets. From bamboo cottages, to wooden structures , to two-story brick houses, fine Villas, and concrete constructions.
We landscape the garden, according to your taste, and build you a swimming pool. A complete pool with filter system and pumps costs from 8000 to 15000 U$
We assist you in finding the right location. We have several properties to choose from: On the slopes of the mountains, at the beach, in the rainforest regions, or at a strategic location for your business in Bali.
We provide you with secure and proven contracts, that secure your property in Bali, and we connect you with efficient lawyers to process your ownership.

Practical steps to your HOUSE IN BALI
When you are in Bali, we would like to show you houses that we have built in the past, and show you models to choose from. When you are ready to get started on realizing your dream, we do the design of your house, and go over it with you.
We show you possible locations, in case you are looking for the right property. When we start building, you pay the first instalment: 50% of the total.
When the roof is on, and the water pipes are installed inside the house, you pay the second instalment: 30% of the total, and when the house is completed, you pay the final 20%.
The building process is documented to you by email or Fax, so you can see the stages of development. Then we have an appointment with one of our local attorneys: you sign the papers that entitle you to own the house, and get the keys to your home.
The building process takes, according to the size of your home, from 4 to 8 months. The payments are made in Euro or U$, and paid directly to the builder, or transferred through the Bank Internasional Indonesia, or to the account of our notary. For maintaining your property, calculate with these monthly fees:
$ 30.00 Legal fees,
$ 60.00 For gardener, cleaning service
$ 30.00 For electricity and water


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