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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Nusa Dua Festival in Bali

Bali, one of the most colorful and lively provinces of Indonesia, is a treasure-house of rich tradition and heritage, and has a wonderful and vivid culture. To showcase this richness of its cultural aspect, Bali has a number of events and festivals where it displays this vivacity. The Annual Celebrations of Bali give one a clear idea about the rich culture, customs and traditions of the Indonesian and her people. One of the most important of the Bali Events and Festivals, is the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali, and the Bali Travel Guide provides all sorts of information regarding the festival.
The Nusa Dua Festival in Bali is one of the many Bali Events and Festivals in the month of August/September, and has become a regular event since 1997 when the Bali Tourism Development Corporation started it. Based on a theme, which changes every year, the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali is a popular festival, that attracts a large crowd of both domestic and international travelers. A platform to showcase the vibrant local culture of Bali.
The Nusa Dua Festival in Bali is aimed at maintaining the image of Bali as a international tourist haven, and to present Bali as a cultural tourist destination to the world. The activities at the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali take part in the amphitheater area of the Gedung Amphi Theater in Denpasar. The main events of the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali consist of entertaining events, and arts performances that are held on stage. The main emphasis of the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali is also on handicraft exhibitions and displays, and traditional art, dance, drama and music performance and the like. If you want to explore the rich tradition of the land of Bali, coming to the province during the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali will surely make your trip worthwhile!!