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Thursday, 15 May 2008

All You Want To Know About Bali Culture

Bali Temples
Balinese Dance
Bali Festivals
The Bali Aga

Bali culture is totally unique and permeates through every aspect of life. The influence of Hinduism the main religion is evident in the music, drama, art, costumes and festivals which take place daily.
You'll encounter a festival almost every day, celebrating the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Anthropologists believe that the Balinese are descended from the ancient Chinese, the Indians and Arabs from the west, and others who came to the island directly or via Java.

Temples in Bali

Many of Bali's temples are many hundreds of years old and located in beautiful locations. Many have stories to tell which are of interest to people of all faiths.
(Bali Temples)

Balinese Dance

Dance is the medium which stories have been told in Bali for generations, the costumes are as elaborate as the moves - some of which take much training and agility to perfect.
You can watch many of the traditional dances which are performed several times weekly.
(Balinese Dance)

Museums in Bali

Such a rich history gives rise to historical artefacts which need to be housed properly, Bali has numerous museums which are open to the public to gain a greater insight to the past.
(Bali Museums)

Bali Events & Festivals

Bali has many colourful festivals throughout the year, the most important of which is Galungan.
Most festival dates are based on Bali's two unique calendars which have systems that are alien to the roman calendar so the dates change each year.
(Bali Festivals)

The Bali Aga

Shut away from the rest of the world until very recently, The Bali Aga have preserved their way of life well.
Now confined to just 2 towns in eastern Bali their way of life is in keeping with the past.
(The Bali Aga)