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Monday, 21 July 2008

Bali Galang’s Bali Culture conservation

The word "Conservation" has been very frequently heard occasionally, especially if it relate to Balinese culture, which believed to be an extraordinary valuable asset for Indonesia. At present, the government has carried out the so-called conservation. The project consists of establishing the long list database of Bali culture, together with their current status of existence. Various institutions tend to work in this model of conservation, where one-way participation came down to the community and not the other way around. The community often kept silence.

It is undeniable that these data are useful; unfortunately it is not enough to be called conservation. Bali Galang Foundation is going to take part of it from the other point of view. The "Participative conservation" is referred to the most difficult part of the culture called the community. Due to the fact that the community is often dynamic and mobile, they are beyond the reach of catalogues and data banks. The status changed all the time. In Bali, community is the most important part of culture. They are continuously changed, because the culture itself is alive.