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Friday, 11 July 2008

Balinese Culture Lesson

Balinese Culture Lesson Tours is one of unique tours and travel guides to learn the comprehensive range of Balinese Cultures like paintings, dances, wood carving, kite making, material hand making, instrument/Gamelans, batik and others. It provides a short course of a part of Balinese Culture where you will have a different and unique experience during your vacation in the beautiful Island of Paradise Bali.
What kind of Balinese cultures you can learn?
Balinese cultures are the most complex culture in over the world which are very unique and never meet in other place. There are several of Balinese cultures that you can learn on this sort course with culture choice as below:

Balinese Dance CostumeA set of beautiful Balinese dance dress is provided to be used and dressed by professional Balinese staff complete with a smear of soft cosmetic could make you handsome or beautiful looking. Afterward you may take the picture for your memory to bring home with your wonderful action. Should you have a sensitive skin of the certain cosmetic product, you may bring your own cosmetic to be used on the dressing and making process. The staff will happy to serve your request and make your face like a Balinese.