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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bali Professional Photographer

Introducing, my name is yoga,and my job is photograph......
Wide photography is the one company of bali professional photographer based in bali has experienced with wedding and pre wedding photography, we are provide photography services for pre wedding and wedding photography, candid photography, fashion and model photography, interior and exterior photography, product and still life photography, sport photography and documentation every events.

We are funny bali photographers enjoy capturing every moment fast and perfectly, team work and professional, we always accept every idea and conceptual to creation art of photography. Therefore we can do that both of photography as natural like and digital imaging photography by our Bali Professional Photographer and Photo Editor. Every event we give two professional bali photographer, they are one using tele lens and the other use wide lens for capture every moment. Our photographer has experienced with kind of photography. We provide translator for client from China and Taiwan for whole day photography tour with logic price

Now, we give for free photo slide show in DVD format with animation and romantic songs back ground for our clients. We have nice digital album printing and cute album layout too if our client need their photos to show on digital album.


eka said...

where are you from????wkakaakakaka

Darma Yoga said...

im from mengwi, hehehe