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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Processor 100 core or Multi-Core By Tilera

SAN JOSE, - Intel and AMD will face new competitors in the processor business. No kidding, the competitors, Tilera based in San Jose, California, USA This will release up to 100 processor cores, rather than dual core, triple core, or quadcore.

TILE processor family-GX consists of four types of processors with 16 cores, 36 cores, 64 cores, and 100 cores. These processors are claimed the most powerful moment of multicore processors on the PC because of the general performance of a processor is proportional to the number of its core.

Also claimed Tilera TILE-GX has a value of performance per watt up to ten times the ability of future generations of Intel chips Westmere. Tilera processor design was developed based on multicore technology-based development environment Imesh two-dimensional interconnect that eliminates need for on-chip bus and Dynamic Distributed Cache technology system that allows every local cache on each core can be shared by all cores.

Although designed Tilera, TILE-GX is made with 40 nanometer process technology, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Company Manufacturign). This processor works at 1.5 GHz with power consumption of 10-55 watts. The price still has not been announced and is planned to release processors fourth quarter of 2010.