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Friday, 10 October 2008


with Bali Holidays Wedding

Bali...., a wonderful and enchanting jewel of island in Indonesia, doest not needs introduction..... artists and tourists have been visiting the island since 1920's. They heard of the fabulous attractions of the island by world of mouth and they come looking for beauty and peace of mind, enjoying its virgin palm-fingered beaches, green paddies and towering mountains.


Dances are the major part of Balinese culture and the Barong and Kris dance which is performed every morning at Batubulan Village, is one of the best known and loved. The story is about the eternal fight between good and evil: the evil Rangda (a mythological monster) battling with the good Barong (a mythological lion). After the show, continue to Bedulu to see the elephant cave and the real highlight of the day "Kintamani", perched dramatically on top of the crater rim of Mount Batur Volcano, where you will have breathtaking views of the crater, lake, lava flows, and volcanic peaks. Enroute pass through many of Bali's famous handicraft villages such as Mas for woodcarving, beautiful Ubud for paintings, Celuk for intricate gold and silverware, or perhaps a batik factory for some lovely locally made fabric. Your return journey will take you off the beaten track past beautiful countryside, temples and terraced rice field. Highly recommended.