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Friday, 17 October 2008

General Information on Bali

The following are a few web sites that have a wealth of information about living on Bali:

Bali Blog ( – this is a daily blog written by an expatriate living in Bali. You can find information here about buying a car in Bali, real estate, shopping, hotels, and a variety of other things. ( - is my web site which has information about Bali, Papua, Sumbawa, Pakistan, and pages with information for teachers.

Bali Portal ( - has an incredible number of links to web sites about Bali.

Living in Bali can be the experience of a lifetime, and there are many expatriates who have lived there blissfully for years. But like with any major lifestyle decision, caution needs to be exercised. I can’t tell you how many foreigners I have met over the past 15 years in Bali who arrived lock, stock and barrel and were gone within a year because they weren’t prepared for all the realities of living in Indonesia because in spite of what some expatriates like to pretend, Bali is still part of Indonesia with all of the good and bad that that situation encompasses. Come and visit, study the culture, do your research, talk to long-term expatriates, monitor the Bali forums on the internet, and then make your move if you feel that Bali is really for you. It could be the best thing that you’ve ever done for yourself.

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