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Monday, 6 October 2008

Balinese Culture Info

Balinese practice their Hindu differently from those originated in India. Much of its astonishment, Hinduism blossom in this island for centuries and have surpassed the influx of Islam that flooded to its neighboring islands. Though Balinese Hinduism shares the same conceptual from those of India, the daily practice and tradition are very much different. Through-out the years, it adapts new methods, and still holds the traditional values that inherited by their grandparents.

Certain similarities are directly adopted from India such as the Weda, the Hindu bible, many epics are told for generations such as the famous Mahabharata and Ramayana epics, the gods and goddess names derived from india's origin, the Balinese writing that similar to indian characters and many other Hinduism concept. Nonetheless, Balinese Hinduism seem to developed its own tradition through the offerings (the so called banten in Bali), the establishment of castes system on the island and the temples that are similar but in many ways exquisite and are nowhere to be found but in Bali.

The articles above are collection of the best articles about Bali Hinduism, as an overview and possibly outline some distinctions from India's Hinduism.