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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Bali Potential Products

1) Meditation:

There are a number of factors that make the plantation a wonderful venue as a meditation facility. Firstly, there is the proximity to the sacred Mount Agung, where the powers of the resident Gods can only enhance meditation practices. Secondly there is the perfect harmony between nature and the communities in the area, and thirdly there is the magnificent natural beauty and serenity that surrounds the plantation.

* Yoga: there is also the possibility to develop ties with one or a number of yoga facilities to develop day programs to have yoga classes and instruction in the philosophies of yoga. Yoga has become a very popular activity, especially amongst the expatriate population in Bali, and is fast becoming another reason that people are journeying to Bali.

2) Horse-back Riding:

There is the potential to develop horseback riding programs in conjunction with the plantation, especially in the Sideman area, as the terrain there is very conducive to this activity and there is low traffic density in the area. A perfect way to explore the area around the plantation would be on horseback and it would be a very enjoyable experience for participants. Also, it could be incorporated into one or more of the trekking programs.

It would be necessary to develop a partnership with a local horseback riding operator to develop this program.

3) Cultural Exchange Programs:

Cultural exchange programs are another possible use for the facility, possibly in conjunction with programs that are run by overseas learning centres. However, it is likely that a form of accommodation would be necessary, and thus may be a future program.

4) Cooking Classes:

*With its traditional kitchen and full Western style kitchen, there is a definite possibility to market the plantation for cooking class programs. It is becoming an increasingly popular program offered by some of the five-star hotels in the Nusa Dua, Kuta, and Sanur area to their Western guests. Hotels such as the Ritz Carlton now offer one or two day programs for hotel guests to have instruction in Balinese and Indonesian cooking, including visiting the markets to learn about and purchase local food products for use in classes. Hotels are using their own kitchen facilities, but are also using outside facilities. Hotels are charging from USD 60.00 per day upto USD 150.00 for such classes, and could provide the plantation with another marketable and profitable product. Also, possibly, Tunjung Petak could develop their own programs with the expertise and knowledge of Pak Udi.

5) Dance Lessons

It could be possible to develop " Learning to Dance" programs which could be marketed independently and possibly through hotels. Day programs could be offered which include the plantation tour, lunch, and one day's instruction on Balinese dance. It could also be possible to develop partnerships with existing schools.

6) Balinese Music Lessons

Lessons in Balinese music could be offered, using the local musicians with instructors that speak different languages. Again, this could be marketed through hotels and existing schools.