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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Cycling With Cultural Life Activities

Min 20 pax

The cycling stage of the trek begins at Bambang Biaung. Participants will provide a helmet, gloves, and mineral water.There will also be a safety briefing at this point. The group will pass through the village observing of coffee, cloves, papaya, bananas, etc. From the village participants continue to Iseh village where farmers will be observed working, tending to their rice and vegetable (including chili, onion and peanuts) harvest. On the way to Sukahet the Group will be stopped at art and cultural school in Sidemen, traditional (endek) cloth making, traditional Arak processing.

On their arrival the participants will be provide a cool towel and flower petals and local villagers accompany the participants walking through the tropical fruit plantation. After the walk a welcome cocktail (young coconut) will be served at Sukun Garden, and then participants will watch local people demonstrate a range of daily Balinese activities such as rice processing in the traditional manner, making offerings and preparing Balinese food and cakes, rindik players, activities at traditional kitchen, Arak Processing, and Ironsmith Activities. Participants may join in the activities, or simply sample the fare while chatting to the local people. Panyembrama dance will welcomed the Guests before serving lunch. Procession of Balinese food with 'dulang' . After lunch participants will be attract with the performance of a Wayang Puppet Show. Whilst departing the plantation the guests will be given a standing farewell by the villagers consists one bottle Arak for each couples.