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Monday, 3 November 2008

Top Ranking Using Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that permits you to add, edit, revise or delete content to your website. The CMS application has the potential to pick the template, add the headers and footers generate the menus and blocks and then automatically render the page. The main reason why most people hesitate to use CMS is the apprehension that a CMS site will not perform in tandem with the search engines. But people fail to note that when used properly, CMS can actually help increase scoring points with the search engines.

All of us are aware that content is of paramount importance and that the one basic function of today's internet is to deliver content to those that are searching for it. CMS provides you the ability to easily manage multiple pages on your site, categorized into appropriate topics and categories.

There is no denying that most free CMSs freely available are not designed with the search engine spider in mind. But CMS applications have the flexibility and can be tweaked to help you gain a top ranking with search engines.

You should know how to customize a CMS application to improve rankings in search engines. Most CMS s will generate dynamic URLs with parameters embedded into them. For example, the article link on your site may look like this: ttp://

This is positively hideous and the search engines are less likely to spider it. It is best to re- cast that URL, into something more pleasant and acceptable like: This can be easily achieved by making use of the web server module called mod-rewrite. For more details on mod-rewrite, have a look at

It is widely believed that the PostNuke Open Source Content Management System is efficient. Many other equally efficient CMS applications are available in the market. To have a review of the various CMS s available see - For a hands-free CMS setup with training to help build a search engine friendly website visit:

Your website is indisputably one of the most potent tools your business can own. In this internet age, it is being increasingly realized that a good quality website is the key for many successful small and home businesses for getting cost-effective quality sales enquiries or online sales. No matter the size of your business, a really good Content Management System has become indispensable.

If you are a small business owner or marketing manager, then it is imperative that you take extra care of your website and concentrate on your online marketing strategies - which include your search engine marketing, organic search engine optimization and paid search engine rankings (PPC). Never compromise for a cheap website without a proper content management as it will be nothing more than sheer waste of money. Getting your website ranked on the 1st page of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or NineMSN will tremendously boost your sales. There are millions of visitors that using these search engines and if they don not find your product, they will find land in your competitor's site.

The fact remains that a good content management system is far cheaper than having a standard website. Calculated over a three-year period, it is found that most content management systems that are used as working tools make the business owners considerably richer than those matter-of-fact websites.

Good content management system is not an expense to your business but an investment that empowers you to change your information towards SEO and obtain top positions on the major search engines for your website. Setting up a CMS managed website that can achieve good search engine rankings is possible if you take care of all the necessary key factors.