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Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Wedding in bali

At the Sukahet Sari Cultural Village and Plantation we are able to offer a variety of wedding services for either couples to be newly married or for couples who wish to have an anniversary to remember, or for those who simply feel the magic of Bali and wish to renew their vows on the island of the Gods.
We are able to offer both a legal wedding, valid in all countries, or a non-legal style wedding, for those renewing their vows. Listed overleaf are full details regarding wedding legalities in Indonesia, and 'Wedding Arrangement' and 'Wedding Party' packages.

There are two venues available for weddings at the Sukahet Sari Cultural Village and Plantation.

Plantation - there is the plantation itself, with its magnificent panoramas and scenery, tranquility and serenity. A wedding on the grounds of the plantation will be the most memorable event of your life.
Maximum capacity; 300 persons

Family Home - there is also the option of having your wedding in the grounds of the family home at the Sukahet Sari Cultural Village and Plantation, which is the family home of one of the founders of the village of Sukahet. This venue is a more intimate setting, with the ceremony held in the family gardens.