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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Bali Traditional Village

The Unique Sukahet Sari Plantation, is set in the heart of the Bali Countryside, within the village of Sukahet, East Bali. Set at the foot of the mighty Mount Agung - Bali's highest and most revered mountain - in the plantation itself is nestled in the valley beside a clear mountain stream and offers sweeping views of magnificent rice terrace, a vista of rural life backed by the towering volcano.

Amidst a pastoral landscape of farming activities, Sukahet Sari offers visitors an intimate introduction to Bali's fascinating culture. The plantation was founded as a part of a mission to preserve and share the philosophy and way of life that cradles the essence of Bali's culture. 'Trihita Karana' is a philosophy that accentuates the importance of maintaining a balance and harmony between spiritual beliefs, the environment, and mankind. From a Balinese cultural perspective, 'Trihita Karana' embraces a belief that all human beings can be happier in their lives by seeking to nurture this harmonious balance between man, his surroundings, and the spiritual realm.

Balinese culture is unique in today's world, and Sukahet Sari Plantation encapsulates the best of Balinese lifestyle. Supported by the local community, it offers a living, interactive example of Balinese life, a fun destination of discovery and unforgettable experiences.

In just one day's visit to the plantation, visitors will experiences some of the most fascinating aspects of Bali's rural life. Within extensive gardens, shady thatched roofed pavilions shelters traditional activities that are routinely carried out by the local villagers. Performances and demonstrations of Balinese dances and music showcase the role of the arts in everyday life. Fruit trees of many different kinds are planted within the plantation, and the visitors can learn about their cultivation and sample the ripe fruit in season. Guests can learn about rice cultivation and harvesting, freshwater fish farming, and watch the spice being prepared for the Balinese meal.

A large variety of programs are available for visitors to enjoy. Trekking through this magical terrain, watching the farmers at work, is an unforgettable experience. A variety of unusual themed lunch and dinners can be arranged upon request. The plantation is an ideal venue for large corporate events such as conventions, meetings and incentives, and perfect for wedding parties.

Sukahet Sari Plantation is far away from the commercial tourist traps of Bali's development resorts, and offers a rare opportunity to be immersed in the picturesque setting of countryside Bali, amongst centuries-old traditions, arts and culture unchanged by time.