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Monday, 29 June 2009

Tilem day as ceremonial of dark moon

Balinese people will doing the religious ceremonial On the Tilem day. The tilem means that the day when dark of the moon, the tilem day is appear fifteen day after the Purnama day or the full moon, Balinese people believe that this day is very sacred and religious day and most of the religious ceremonial are presented at this day some in big temple in Bali.

In tilem day the moon are off so there are darkness around the land no light, the night so dark. Balinese people believe that this day is very sacral day where the Batara Kala returns to the earth to and try to disturb human life. So Balinese people doing some upakar give the Batara Kala some food in form of Segan so the Betara Kala would not disturb human life.