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Monday, 29 June 2009

Bali Crowded Again

in bali now, is very very crowded, the firs in seminyak, because of the holiday, so many tourism coming.....Some of the tourists also chose to enjoy food and beverages in restaurants all around the beach. The foreign tourists did not afraid to walked or sit around the beach. The street was still clear and the parking space was still empty and it shows that the number of tourists was not high as before. The traffic in Legian Street, Kuta Street, and Kartilca Plaza Street that lead to Kuta beach run smoothly and most of the tourists chose to walk to the beach while enjoying the shops on the sides of the road. The tourists seemed to disappear from Kuta area near the execution of the Bali Bombers which happened on Sunday, November 9th 2008. It was because the foreigners afraid that the terrorists will avenge the death of their colleagues. However the treat was proven wrong and there was not security disturbance occur in Bali.

The crowded condition also gives benefit to the people around the beach and it made Kuta lifeguard (Balawista) busy again. The must watched carefully all the tourists who play on the beach. The Balawista officers on guard on their posts along the beach and they assisted by the local officers patrolling in Kuta area. The number of tourists also decreased in Ngurah Rai airport. Usually, 6,000 tourists came to Bali each day, but currently only 4,000 foreign tourists visited Bali.