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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bali Bra

The Bali Bra Company was founded in 1927 by Sam Stein. He chose the name "Bali" in honor of the beautiful women who graced the exotic island of Bali. His vision was to promise his customers "a look like a Balinese beauty".

In the beginning, Sam's wife Sarah sewed the garments by hand on their front porch. By 1940, Sam and Sarah were considered the innovators of the Foundation Industry. They were pioneers, introducing the first bias cup brassiere, the first nylon cup brassiere, and the first all-cotton brassiere. Their concern for quality, fit, performance and comfort made the Bali Company a major success early on. Today the Bali Company continues in the tradition of producing innovative, fashionable products always paying close attention to quality, fit, and comfort.