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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Drama Comedy Bali "Cupak Grantang"

Bali the island which rich of traditional art and spread to all the corner of the island has they own characteristic and related to the religious ceremonies but some of them function as an art to entertainment. Drama gong is one of the traditional Balinese arts which function as art to entertain the audios. Drama gong is traditional Balinese drama classic which playing by some arteries, commonly take a story of a traditional Balinese kingdom, mites and legend and had a musical Balinese instrument Gamblelan.

Drama gong on 80 era has it gloried, on that time it as popular as Balinese drama entertainment which take a first places from other Balinese drama like Arja, Gambuh, Sendratari and other. On that time there are many drama gong actress are know well by the Balinese people because it ability to entertain and play its own character on the drama. But step by step drama gong is start to losing it popularity which caused by television with many interesting channel.