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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Rosemary at Bedugul Valley (Bali)

A perfect creatures on the planet earth is all best known as a human, perfectly human is created along with complete senses which start from eye, noose, ear and skin. These five sense has their own duty to protect their own master, human on this case, and will bring their master became superior among other creatures. Senses could be related with health and beauty, skin for example, is one of those senses that sensitive to any kind of touch action. Skin is coverage a human body almost 100%, maybe this is the main reason that since an ancient time a human always innovated to protect age of their skin. Now the skin predator which dangerously damage skin and causing death is mosquito, but this article will not mentioned further about mosquito, we will see about “Rosemary” and what contribution will it bring to save our skin.

Rosemary came from a Latin name; more about “dew from the sea” is its meaning. Just like other herbs and bushes, rosemary has a permanently stem with green needle leaves, and these leaves will contain a colored flower when its time to appear. Most of rosemary species are growth at Mediterranean region, of course will perfectly interact with Mediterranean climate, where open sunny area is a must for rosemary plant, soil with good drainage is best for rosemary cultivation and most founded in the soil near by the sea. Rosemary is easily cultivated through all the season and adaptable as perennial herb, but some varieties is avoid cold season. In Bali, we could also found rosemary plant being sold at Bedugul valley, means that rosemary also could be cultivated in tropical climate.

Rosemary is a member of Lamiaceae family or called mint herb family, as a member of these Lamiaceae, rosemary contain of several acid which contribute in culinary and medical uses. In suggested doses, rosemary compound will fit to human metabolism and safely use as ingredient in most Mediterranean culinary. Medical doses will suggest as antioxidant, acidic compound is believed could protect human brain from stroke and neuron diseases, this is also the reason of using small amount of rosemary dried leaves mixed with other herbs in making an herbal tea. Having an astringent taste and strong scent like Cajuputi leaves, causes a toxic impact in large amount of uses, several research found that large amount of rosemary oil may cause a coma, vomiting or respiratory diseases, and not allowed for pregnant or breastfeeding woman consumption. This bad reaction of body system caused of large amount uses is what we are discussing at first paragraph of this article. The effect of brain attack in a mosquito’s neuron system when they adsorb large amount of rosemary plant scent will bring us to protect our skin from mosquito bites, therefore people sometimes use rosemary plant applied into a skin as mosquito repelled. From all skin protected which is always innovated, what could be wrong if we use a green botanical plantation.

Rosemary is a simple plant for beginner gardener to start to know how reflected beauty of green botanical to a shape of useful human body protection. So when you plan to have a small garden, don’t forget to browse a story behind the seeds on your hands.