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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Accommodation in Bali

is NO problem.
You will find a room that suits you , at a price that suits your budget. From a quiet villa to a room in the hustle and bustle of Kuta OR a romantic hideaway somewhere on the island.

You will find there are some great deals if you book over the internet OR a package deal with one of the airlines ( airfare & accommodation ) could be what suits you better.

Below is a list of Hotel Booking Agents . They all have a major list of hotels throughout Bali and offer some great internet deals. I have also listed a few of the more popular Hotels by Location. Although the links on them will take you to one of the Booking Services for that particular hotel. DON'T accept the list rate , email each hotel or agency and ask for their BEST rate available , you may be surprised by yet another discount just for asking. I have listed the most popular Hotels so that you can go directly to their advert and picture and save some time surfing ..I believe a picture is worth a thousand words..and the links to these hotels have pictures.