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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bali Bird Park Taman BURUNG ( Ubud Area )

Bird Park Entrance
Bali Bird Park Entrance

The Bali Bird Park is near Ubud and is a 40 min trip by taxi, from the kuta area. You will need at least a ½ Day to look around and a great idea is to have "Breakfast" with the birds. ( see your hotel for details.)
The park has a great range of birds housed in immaculate cages and set in beautiful surroundings. There is a great restaurant & gift shop that are well worth a visit while you are there.

Copy of the Menu.

One of the Flight cages

Bird Park Homepage

E-Mail : Bali Bird Park

Parrots Parrots

As you meander around the well kept cages and grounds you will come across some strange looking birds and also more opportunities to hold the parrots.
As our son Scott points out !!!

Scott holding Parrots
Fish Flower
Parrot Dont Know what it is ?
Komodo Dragon Komodo Dragon

There are also Komodo Dragons at the Bali Bird Park !!!