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Friday, 22 August 2008

Balinese culture

The Unit Socials of Bali new231.gif (314 bytes)

comuniti3.GIF (41321 bytes)Kind of traditional organizations in Balinese community are village, Banjar, Subak and sekeha. Type of traditional organization based on the unity of district is called village. The concept of village has two meanings are Custom village and service village.
Balinese Belief System

The Hindu Dharma, the religious belief system of Bali, governs all activities of the daily life of the Balinese, working, sleeping, eating, praying, dancing, and all other activities are part of and governed by the Dharma..Click Details
Live in The Banjar

One afternoon. A group of children are playing in a building with a dirt floor. Some of them are running around, some of them are crowded around a chess board, and others are sitting on a long wooden bench. At another end of the building, a group of old men are chatting, each holding their prize fighting cocks. T....Click Details
Taksu Charisma in The Art

Is a paradigm in the Balinese culture- which is until now-used as the highest orientation after the devotion to the creator almighty -god- by the Balinese artists.
Rebirth of a Barong
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It is a story that will be 55 days in the making as the village of Seseh, near Tanah Lot, refurbishes its sacred Barong, an event that was last undertaken by this village in 1984...The Barong is a mythical, supernatural creature, represented by a masked costume that resembles a Chinese barongsai lion....Click details
A Faith Of Harmony
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Praise the eternal victor over death, who caused longevity, force and power...who art the omnipresent and maintained the world, who caused freedom for all those who perform devotions and have faith ..1 praise thee who hath vanquished death
History and Culture Of Bali

The Balinese has already owned their belief and culture when Hinduism was brought into Indonesia about 2000 year ago. Around 400 AD, the Hindu Kingdoms in Central and East Java had their great influence over Bali, but when a new religion, Islam came in, the Hindu Kingdom in Java became less and less powerful, at that time a large number of priests, noblemen. Click Details
Cycle of Life

1ngaben1.GIF (23949 bytes)Hindus believe that every soul is subjected to a transmigration process (samara). Each incarnation binds the soul to a body dliring which time the soul is in a hellish condition. As a result, the soul strives to escape the reincarnation process and achieve an ultimate level of enlightenment or moksa.This state allows the body and soul to join their cosmic equivalents for good. Failure to achieve moksa upon death means that the soul is still bound to the chain of incarnations.
The Art And Soceitynew231.gif (314 bytes)

This section of Balinese song tells you wherever and whenever you are in Bali, never a day goes by without the sound of gamelan or the sight of people dancing, Gamelan is the rhythm of Balinese life and dance a representation of opulence of a place which is full of nuance, ....

Five Senses.

For some, dance is nothing more than a spectacle to be enjoyed as an entertainment. It is phenomenon to be performed and enjoyed by mortals, and not a religious act.How then can it be classed as an offering to God? How can dance be seen as a sacred and pure religious offering?

A World Of Sharing

purabatur-kintamani.GIF (42240 bytes)In Balinese paintings, trees become the secret abodes of fantastic birds and monkeys, the nights an invitation for mischievous spirits, and the temple ceremony a panorama of offerings, sales stands, stylish dress, mystical figures of the theatre, fighting cocks, lovers' rendezvous and family worship.
Balinese Maestrosnew23.gif (314 bytes)
I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, I Ketut Reneng, I Ketut Mario, Ida Pedanda Sidemen, I Nyoman Tjokot.
Hindu and Civilized Humanity

As every phase of Catur Asrama is considered as step along a gradual journey of life which needs improvement quality on both spiri tual and material life, so the realization of yadnya and punya are considered as important ways of release. What is known as Panca-maha-yadnya in Bali is performed in such a way by using the contents of the nature.
Bali: Island Of the Gods

A tiny, lush enclave fights to preserve a magical culture little changed over the millennia: Filmmaker Lawrence Blair, midway through documenting Indonesia's indigenous peoples, planned to avoid Bali, with its international airport and luxury hotels.Click Details

Consummate Island Arts
Experience Bali's moods and colors at home: A major benefit of Bali's thriving tourist industry to world culture enthusiasts is the abundance of mediums to promote Bali's beauty. You can enjoy vividly poetic descriptions by early visitors, scholarly expositions of every aspect of Balinese life, full-size photos, music CDs and detailed websites.
Temple Festival

krauhan.GIF (25718 bytes)TEMPLE FESTIVALS and holidays are held throughout the year. To pass a week without hearing of at least several celebrations in different villages is highly unlikely. Certain days are designated for special prayers, others for purification rites and others for offerings to the lower spirits. If a village is threatened by disease or an unexpected mishap, a ritual exorcism becomes necessary. . Click to Continue