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Monday, 4 August 2008

Bali Climate and Time Zone

The climate in this archipelago on the equator is tropical. In the lowlands, temperatures average between 21 degree Celcius and 33 degree Celcius, but in the mountains it can go as low as 5 degree Celcius. Humidity varies but is always high, between 60 % and 100 %. In general, Indonesia experiences two yearly seasons of monsoon winds: the southeast monsoon, bringing dry weather (musim panas - dry season), and the northwest monsoon, bringing rain (musim hujan- rainy season). Often the changing seasons can bring the time of high waves (musim ombak). The rainy season is normally November to April, with a peak around January/February, when it rains for several hours each day. The rain is predictable, however, and always stops for a time, when the sun may come out. Before it rains, the air gets very sticky; afterwards it is refreshingly cool. The dry season, May to October, is a better time to come, and especially June to August. This is the time to climb mountains or visit nature reserves; when wild bulls go in search of water and sea turtles lay eggs more often.

Time Zone
Bali is on Central Indonesian Standard Time, the middle of Indonesia's three time zones, which is Greenwich mean time + 8 hours. It is the same time in Bali as Singapore, Hong Kong and western Australia.