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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Find Bliss in Bali

A holiday on Bali will take your breath away and stimulate all your senses — even some you didn’t know about. Invigorating and calming at the same time you will not want to leave this mystical island. Here’s what I loved about being here.

Top Ten Things to do in Bali and Lombok

1. Replenish your soul at Uluwatu resort at the south western tip of Bukit Peninsula - you will be lulled to sleep at night by the same waves that rock Dreamland - you will never rest more deeply. This sacred spot is an enchanting jewel - the bungalows cling to a cliff
with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. For lovers, surfers, poets, and solo explorers.

2. Take a surf lesson on Kuta Beach. Even if you don’t stand up - feeling the wave under you is divine. Don’t miss it.

3. Flex you flirt muscles on Gili Trawangan - this friendly island is filled with locals and foreigners who look you in the eye and laugh with you - white sugar beaches seduce you to stay longer - and the peace is hard to beat. No motorcycles, cars, or engines of any kind. Nirvana.

4. Scuba diving - get certified - get wet - get down under and do it! Swim with a big turtle and you will know bliss. On Gili Trawangan go to Manta Dive - they are wonderfully professional and authentically personable. The staff and owners want you to have fun and see the world beneathe us. It’s gorgeous!

5. See a Barong - every 15 days in Padang Bai there is a celebration and ceremony - the whole town comes out for the festival. Dress in traditional Balinese style - bring your lace jacket, sash, and sarong and you’re in the temple being blessed with holy water. And bring an offering - it could be a frangipani, fruit, or rice krispies just bring something. It’s way better than church.

6. Go to Ubud and see the local dances and art galleries. The clothing stores and jewelry are one of a kind too. Tour the rice terraces outside of town to be in a verdant, lush, green, landscape. Visit the Jazz Cafe at night for live music and to meet fascinating locals and foreigners.

7. Swim in stone pools fed by pure mountain water at the Water Palace 20 minutes outside of Padang Bai. Intricate statues, ornate fountains, and peace await you.

8. Ask locals about their favorite temples, you will get invited to a cremation or a wedding. Trust me.

9. Ride a motorcyle around the island - don’t be a Balinese family and go three to a bike - you’ll be fined. Drive on the left side! It’s energizing and you see more of the island.

10. Shopping and eating in Seminyak. Lily Jean was my favorite store - Made de Coney, a lovely woman from Brazil makes these sexy, zesty, and stylish clothes that enhance your body and make you happy - beautiful fabrics that move with you and designs that place her at the zenith of the fashion world. Buy a new suitcase for your treasures. Then eat at the Santa Fe Grill. Or find your own gem - there are many!

Mary Bartnikowski is the author of a book of essays, “Everyday Naked” available from Amazon. She is a professional photographer in Palo Alto, California.